We proudly hold Pesticide licenses to practice in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As Mass certified and ISA certified Arborists, we strive for the best tree and shrub care by using all natural processes (NOFA Accredited Organic Landcare Professionals). Through our personalized fertility program, we use actively aerated compost teas and natural amendments to bring out your plant’s health and beauty.

Tree care service we provide includes the following:

  • Pruning of shade trees / ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Tree removals
  • Invasive plant removals
  • Organic insect and disease controls/spraying (Winter Moth, Hemlocks, etc.)
  • Trunk injection of trees (Arborjet System) in sensitive areas for disease and insect infestations and when rescue treatments requiring chemicals are needed
  • Organic fertilizer programs customized to your plant needs
  • Soil Testing
  • Low impact cabling and bracing for structural support
  • Hazard tree evaluations
  • Anti-desiccant sprays to reduce winter kill from moisture loss
  • Tick, deer and mosquito repellents (all natural)