Our organic tick and mosquito sprays are effective. Using all natural products provides a mix that can  be applied around children play areas, pets/animals and pollinators. Using garlic based formula with essential oils, our tick and mosquito spray will give you the ability to enjoy your yard again while not worrying about harmful chemicals. We have been providing this spray for 10 years and have hundreds of satisfied clients in Southeastern Mass. and Cape Cod.

Our spray dries quickly which will give you the ability to use your yard within a short period of time after the application.

We are also happy to offer tick tubes which help reduce tick populations within the perimeter of your property. These tubes are placed in and around the boarder of your property or in wooded areas and are able to help reduce tick populations by providing bedding materials to rodent populations i.e. chipmunks etc. around your home by killing ticks on the critters without harming them.

We are Mass. Licensed/Certified pesticide applicators and as a last resort we can provide a “rescue treatment” using a pesticide, if your property is overrun.