Our Plant Health Care program is structured to prevent harm to your plants and the environment. We are devoted to making your plants flourish so that they can exhibit their natural beauty and provide decades of sustainable benefits. As development continues to reduce our landscapes, we pride ourselves in enhancing the care of our community’s plants.

Plant health care service we provide includes the following:

  • Organic fertility programs: This is done through soil injection, based on site visits and soil testing, replenishing depleted soils and increasing plant vitality while reducing insect and disease issues.
  • Organic mulch applications: This provides organic matter which is depleted in our managed landscapes. We apply (eliminate the fact that we make it) Northern Forest Ramiel Wood Mulch, which provides exactly what our local plants need. The added benefit of this annual application is natural weed suppression in your planting beds.
  • Horticultural oil sprays: Used mainly for Hemlock Wooly Adelgides infestations, a non- native insect from Asia. It is also very effective by smothering some insects and insect eggs, reducing the need for controls later in the season.
  • Environmentally safe caterpillar sprays using B.t. to control foreign invaders like Winter Moth
  • Organic tick repellent sprays and management practices
  • All natural deer repellent sprays to deter foraging
  • All natural mosquito repellent sprays to reduce populations in your outdoor living spaces
  • Organic fungicide sprays and programs to reduce leaf diseases